Celebration of Mother Ayahuasca and Father San Pedro. December 8-15 and December 18-24 2017. Macas Ecuador. Maximum 8 people
Come join us for celebration of Mother Ayahuasca. Eight days with indigenous Shuar shamans for Ayahuacsa and San Pedro ceremonies at the incredibly beautiful and peaceful sacred ceremonial site on a small river peninsula on the Rio Jurumbaino surrounded by rainforest. Observe and participate in making your brew with the shaman.  Optional day trip to the sacred waterfall La Yantsa. Great accommodations and meals. You may choose to participate for 3 to 8 days.


3 Days and 2 Ceremonies$475

4 Days and 2 Ceremonies$525

5 days and 3 Ceremonies   $695

7 Days and 3 Ceremonies$795

8 Days and 4 Ceremonies$995


Maximum of 8 participants. Reserve your space and dates. For any questions or to make reservations call U.S # (904) 435-7994 or in Ecuador 099 368 8463.