Every month 8th-15th for 8 days with 4 ceremonies and 18th-25th for 8 days with 4 ceremonies small groups. You may do 6 days with 3 ceremonies or 4 days with 2 ceremonies as well.

August 18-27 2019. Special 10 day retreat and jungle excursion.

Come join us for a special 10 day celebration of Ayahuasca and San Pedro. The first 8 days in Macas with a private bedroom and bathroom and all meals included. You will be part of a small group of six people maximum. You will have 3 overnight Ayahuasca ceremonies with Shaman Alberto Catan at the breathtakingly beautiful ceremonial site on the Jurumbaino River on the 19th, 21st and 23rd. On the 25th you will see the Rainforest from the air on a special charter flight to the Shuar village of Macuma where you will trek into the Rainforest to spend 2 days living with the shaman and his family for the San Pedro sacred ceremony and experience the magnificent rainforest, waterfalls, caves and indigenous dancing and celebration.This will be a plant medicine experience of a lifetime. Reserve now.

Are you ready for a one of a kind spiritual and self-healing experience? Nestled in the heart of the lush and verdant Ecuadorian jungle, our Ayahuasca healing and spiritual fulfillment center has a proud history of welcoming truth seekers and individuals striving for inner enlightenment from all around the world.

An Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat

While providing essential home comforts such as comfortable lodging and freshly prepared gourmet vegetarian or vegan meals each day, our Ayahuasca retreat is otherwise one of only a handful of authentic treatment centers in the entirety of South America.

This is because while promoting physical wellness through deliciously prepared (and organic) vegetarian food, we also facilitate travel to genuine Ayahuasca ceremony site on the Jurumbaino river surrounded by rain forest. There, our guests are given the opportunity to spend the evening with an authentic local shaman. The next day, you will then be escorted back home in order to rest, reflect and prepare for your next ceremony. Even better, at all times you will be attended to by one of our very own local guides and translators.

How Ayahuasca Heals

Popularly known around the world as a shamanic gateway to the spirit world, Ayahuasca has traditionally been used for thousands of years as a healing medicine also. Made using two indigenous plants Banisteriopsis caapi & Psychotria viridis, Ayahuasca works by promoting massive mental and physical healing responses in the human body.

While different for everybody, no one is ever not deeply affected by Ayahuasca. In like regard, few if any people ever come away from an Ayahuasca ceremony not feeling more spiritually and vitally restored than they did before arriving.

Your Stay at our Ayahuasca Retreat

Due to the powerful nature of such ceremonies, our Ayahuasca retreat focuses on marrying high-quality rest and relaxation periods with intense plant medicine experiences. This is why we provide you with a superb natural setting, intuitive and support staff and high-quality nutrition throughout your stay. We do, after all, want your stay here with us to be just as much a once in a lifetime experience as the Ayahuasca and San Pedro experiences themselves.

Are you ready to discover yourself and experience the physically restorative power of Ayahuasca? If so, make sure to reach out to us today to find out


Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat

7 Days 3 Ceremonies


Selecting this package, your 7 consecutive days will begin on the day you select. Ayahuasca ceremonies on the 2nd and 4th days and San Pedro on the 6th day. Massage Therapy is also included. Private bedroom and bathroom and all meals included.

8 Days 4 Ceremonies


Selecting this package, your 8 consecutive days will begin on the day you select. You will have 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies on the 2nd, 4th, 6th days and 1 San Pedro ceremony on the 8th day. Private bedroom and bathroom and all meals included. Yoga, massage therapy, meditation, breath work as well as group sharing sessions are included.


Special Short Stay  4 Days and 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies for $595. Contact for details.


4 Days and 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies Special Stay $595.

7 Days and 3 Ceremonies$895 Each month 18th-24th.

8 Days and 4 Ceremonies$1095 Each month 8th-15th


Maximum of 8 participants. Reserve your space and dates. For any questions or to make reservations call U.S # (904) 435-7994 or in Ecuador 099 368 8463.


  References are also available upon request.


Contact me anytime for questions and reservations.   kenjohnsonecuador@gmail.com  or call U.S. (904) 435-7994 or Ecuador 099 368 8463